About Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M.

Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M. has been producing healthy food since 1976. We are committed to a system of food production that promotes life and conserves natural resources by employing techniques rooted in regeneration and renewal. We believe that these choices provide the health-minded, socially-conscious consumer a sustainable means to a good end.

Our Farm

Our farm has been family owned and run since the mid 1850's.  We have gone through many different styles of farming throughout our history.  Since 1976 we have been farming using sustainable methods that ensure the purest beef and finest produce.  Our F.A.R.M. stands for Fertility And Resource Management.  With crop rotation, integrated pest management, composting, and rotational grazing we produce high quality beef, vegetables and feed for the animals. 

Our Beef

Our beef cattle are raised in pastures and are never kept in confinement.  We raise all of our own feed so that we know what is being fed, and only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary. The feed mainly consists of a mix of alfalfa, grasses and clover.  It is processed at a USDA inspected butcher and sold by the piece at the local farmers market and through Basics Co-op, or by the quarter sized "half of a half" sold wholesale direct.

Our Produce

We raise between 20 & 40 categories of produce and multiple varieties within those categories.  Our most popular types of produce we grow on large scales for the farmers markets, grocery stores, as well as local school systems.  

Farm Food Safety

Our farm Standard Operating Procedures provide a safe and clean environment for the people who work on the farm as well as the people who benefit from our products.  The rigorous Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification process which we go through anually ensures that our produce meets the highest level of safety and tractability required by schools and many grocery stores.

Proud to be a family owned farm since 1854!